Lsuhsc New Innovations

Lsuhsc New Innovations. New innovations for residents introduction add scholarly activities resident introduction add scholarly activities resident introduction enter activity details select core competencies add files and contributors journaling resident introduction journaling resident introduction public journal entries can be seen by administrators and key educators like the program director and. We work with you to protect the new innovations you’ve created and get them to the marketplace for the public’s benefit.

Home Interventional Radiology Residency
Home Interventional Radiology Residency from

To comply with institutional policies, all house officers must record daily duty hours within new innovations.additionally, many departments require the use of new innovations for completion. At the office of innovation & partnerships (oip), we manage lsu health's innovative technologies. As healthcare professionals are exposed to high levels of distress in the course of their profession and are therefore susceptible to experiencing burnout, lsuhsc recognizes that.

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